The digital asset supercharger 💫
Torque is an asset management protocol to streamline personal saving in DeFi. Torque smart contracts operate autonomously, that is, without the intervention of custody, in a 24/7 fashion, & serve as virtual highways to connect global savers with cutting-edge financial opportunities.


What are Torque's benefits?
Torque surfaces DeFi's finest yield & loan opportunities. With Torque, you no longer need to scour multiple sites for best rates or manage positions manually. Simply deposit preferred assets & relax as Torque automates your savings.
When can I start using Torque?
What's the best Torque strategy?
It comes down to what you're looking to get out of the experience. For example, you may engage in the community as a voter. In such case, it would behoove you to acquire as much TORQ as possible in order to gain sufficient voting power.
Maybe you want to access liquidity to go long on a new token coming out. You can deposit a blue-chip like WBTC or WETH and receive a loan up to 78% of the value (while earning TORQ). You can use this to trade & repay as preferred.
If you're simply interested in extracting as much profit as possible, consider depositing collateral for a loan through our Borrow product then head to Boost and deposit your received loan. In this case, you will earn TORQ rewards from Borrow & Boost while your deposit may earn the spread between interest rates.
If you choose not to repay, eventually, interest accrued will increase your loan-to-value (LTV) ratio pushing it into liquidatable range. In such case, a sliver of your collateral asset may be liquidated to ensure the health of your position.
This is not financial advice.
Do Torque & USG benefit eachother?
Yes. Although Torque & USG have dedicated interfaces, their relationship remains symbiotic due to: 1. TORQ's ability to be collateralized against USG & 2. USG's ability to bolster liquidity from the growth of Torque. Torque & USG are not separate protocols but rather USG is a collateralized debt position extension of Torque.
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