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Boost represents top-level, auto-compounding vehicles and the main entry point for Torque users seeking diversified yield across the decentralized finance space. Upon receiving assets, Boost Managers act as vehicles to handle appropriate child vault routing (BoostETH for ETH). tTokens represent the user's claim on assets.

Torque Boost


Vehicles are Boost Managers which aggregate strategies. For example, the BoostETH vehicle aggregates the strategies of GMXV2ETH and StargateETH. When assets are deposited to a vehicle, the vehicle allocates and deposits these into the underlying vaults.

Child Vaults

A foundational strategy layer. These interact with DeFi protocols to maximize yield on deposited assets. For example, GMXV2ETH is specific to GMX V2 for earning yield on ETH, while StargateETH interacts with Stargate for liquidity provisioning.