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We harness the power of a global community to develop Torque. Anyone can make a pull request at the official Torque dApp repository. We are looking forward to collaborating with more developers in the future. Join us on Telegram if you're new.

Solo Contributor

Whether you're an individual with a passion for blockchain technology, finance, or community building, there's a place for you here. Solo contributors can engage with existing projects, propose new ideas, or lend their expertise in various capacities.

Formal Contributor

For development groups eager to make a substantial impact, becoming a formal contributor opens up avenues for collaboration, compensation, and influence in Torque Protocol. If our values and vision align with yours, reach out.

Example Pull Requests

  • New asset to be supported
  • New vote to be listed

Example Applications

  • Launchpads
  • Smart wallets
  • DAO treasuries
  • Voting systems
  • Payment apps
  • Banking apps
  • Trust funds

Torque SDK

Coming soon!


Coming soon!