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  • Home is an overview with metrics such as net APY, total supply, total borrow, and your available credit. Simply connect a wallet and view on-chain data with total confidence.
  • Boost routes deposits to GMX and Stargate liquidity pools to earn daily compound yield while minimizing provider risk. Compounds occur on a daily basis via a public function.
  • Borrow enables the creation of loan vaults by accepting deposits as collateral. Users may deposit BTC or ETH to borrow USD. Borrowers accumulate TORQ rewards until withdrawn.
  • Vote is a governance voting portal where TORQ holders may direct the future of Torque Protocol.



Some alternative ways to access the Torque would be through the Arbiscan website where you can interact with smart contracts directly or your own local client based on our open-source repo. We're always working on new ways for users to engage with the protocol and commit to reward contributors who maintain their own interfaces.